Watching Vimeo on Chrome issue

Unfortunatly I discovered that my video’s on vimeo are not displayed correctly in ALL browsers. If you are watching vimeo in Chrome there is a change that the video’s are very pixelated. This has to do with accelerated hardware display in chrome. Mark¬†STAFF¬†6 months ago – Open your Chrome browser and type the following in […]

Hearts for my lady

Yesterday was my 3rd anniversary of being together with my lady. So nice excuse for making something for her and learning a bit more in C4D. For this animation i used Xpresso notes. Now somebody else told me i could make the same in alot less time using mograph… so that will be the next […]

C4D Autumn is here (still learning this)

Still learning alot in Cinema4D… Its nice to make something out of nothing and just put your ideas to the paper (computer). I wanted to make a wave (more stormlike than this). But have to say i am getting more and more excited about the whole 3d Stuff. Hope you like it. Even with all […]

C4D: School in progress

Beetje dingen in Cinema4D proberen en tutorials doen. Logo is van FabricLondon.

Solar Dance Blip (EOS 550D Testje)

I have the resource to a CANON EOS 550D (Rebel T2i) with kit lens (18-55mm) and am trying some stuff out. Must say i am already liking it! This photo camera has the same video-works as a Canon 7D. This is one result. Have fun!

“Met de Zon” Internet video’s

4 internet video’s I edited for Hotel Rebel. Client: Met de Zon Direction/ Camera: Suzanne Arts Color-grading: Joppo