Editing Docu: Liefde – Enang Wattimena

Skills: Documentry, Editing

NL | 2017 | 13 minutes | Documentary
Director: Enang Wattimena
Cast: Enang Wattimena, Jane Wattimena-Hanser

Enang is researching a family portrait taken in the former Dutch East Indies. His great-great-grand- mother is also shown on the photo, a woman from Aceh. His mother then tells him, this wasn’t the photograph they owned as a family. From the photo they owned his great-great-grandmother had been cut off. This sets off his quest to find his matriarch.

Directed by: Enang Wattimena
Production: Vera Wattimena-Vriens, Enang Wattimena
Camera: Erwin Smit
Sound: Sander Houwen
Editing: Rutger Hesseling
Sound mixing: Ruben de Winther
Grading: Filmmore Amsterdam – Fernando Rodriques

CinemAsia FilmLab mentor: Jimmy Tai

The film is made possible by CinemAsia FilmLab – Daan Vree, Judith Mulder