25 Squares Logo Animation

Keeping it simple 25Squares_Logo_animatie from rutgerhesseling on Vimeo.

Print Pakt – Schets /Sketch

A while back I made this sketch for https://www.kvgo.nl . Check it out.

The Green Gallery Draft / Sketch

For the Online Magazine ‘The Green Gallery’. I Made some sketches and this is one of them.

From the Attic #2 – Weconocom (2008)

Sometimes its nice to dig up some old stuff I did in the past. Here I made a sketch of a logo-animation for a online channel called Weconocom. It never made it online though. Leader animation for business video from rutgerhesseling on Vimeo.

From the Attic #1 CRBZ (2008)

Sometimes its nice to dig up some old stuff I did in the past. Here I made a leader for a Online Show about startup’s. Concept was from garage to skyscraper. I made it during my time working at XOLO. CRBZ Leader Animation from rutgerhesseling on Vimeo.

Kopje Koffie Deurwaarder Whiteboard Animation

Voor Brandspanking heb ik een tijdje geleden deze whiteboard animatie mogen verzorgen. Client: De Gemeente Zoetermeer Production/Regie: P & P Regisseurs Post-production: Brandspanking

Editing Showreel 25Squares

Music: Cold Light – Victim Victim

The Editor

THE EDITOR from Inside The Edit on Vimeo. I could not have said it better.

Where and How to hide a Lavalier Microphone

A good explanation and tips about hiding a Lavalier Microphone. http://nofilmschool.com/2014/10/7-great-techniques-hiding-lav-microphones  

Watching Vimeo on Chrome issue

Unfortunatly I discovered that my video’s on vimeo are not displayed correctly in ALL browsers. If you are watching vimeo in Chrome there is a change that the video’s are very pixelated. This has to do with accelerated hardware display in chrome. Mark¬†STAFF¬†6 months ago – Open your Chrome browser and type the following in […]